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Toti Workshop (Castelli Calepio – Bergamo) was founded in 1965 and it acquired during the years a great professional experience available to its clientele, composed by important companies of several fields. The well-established experience in the B2B (Business to Business) supply makes it possible for Toti Workshop to support the companies in the creation of the Zamak product from conception to production.

The qualified staff and the technology, main incoming of our production (CNC milling machines, electrical discharge machines, grinding, lathes etc.), has allowed us to work in the fashion industry, as well as in the footwear, leisure, nautical, furniture, electrical, cosmetic and perfumery sectors.

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TOTIPA: patented modules interchangeable with high quality and strong materials and finish. They are polished, treated, galvanized, painted with anti-scratch colors. Everything is Made in Italy.

FURNITURE: they are created to be substituted in any moment with a simple lever motion, and they can be personalized with infinite finishes and colors. Quotes or drawings can be inserted and can be removed when you prefer.

APPLICATION: according to your inspiration, painting composition, walls, headboards, kitchen back, wardrobes, baseboard, doorframes, and any other space can be personalized and made unique for style and design.

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